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Bark Candy – 1.50 oz Favor Bag Zip Bag – Wholesale

W-Favor Bag

Bark Candy - 1.50 oz Favor Bag Zip Bag - Wholesale W-Favor Bag
Price: 48
USD In stock

The Bark with a Bite!™ Our version of traditional Bark candy with tiny chips of tart fruity hard candy in our own creamy white chocolate blend. Also available in Decaf Espresso and Peppermint. Thin and delicate, bursting with flavor that is both delightful and refreshing! A truly unique taste sensation! Also available in bulk. 24 bags per case. $46.80 per case.

Gluten Free, Nut Free, and Kosher Certified!

Purchase Options
Full Case of 24 (0)
Half Case of 12 (-24)
Quarter Case of 6 (-36)
Standard Flavors
CF1 Lemon (0)
CF2 Lime (0)
CF5 Orange (0)
CF3 Raspberry (0)
CF7 Blueberry (0)
CF9 Peach / Mango (0)
CF6 Grape (0)
CF4 Decaf. Expresso (0)
CF8 Peppermint (0)
CFP Pomegranate (0)
CFJ Pumpkin Cheesecake (0)
CFC Sea Salt Caramel (0)
CFB Banana Cream (0)
CFX Chai (0)
Seasonal Flavors
CFE Eggnog – Winter Flavor (0)
CFI Irish Cream – Winter Flavor (0)
Kiwi Strawberry – Spring 2018 (0)
Pina Colada – Spring 2018 (0)


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