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Get Well



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Nut Free and Kosher Certified!

Types of fortunes:
Over 100 different get well good wishes, jokes quotes and toasts

Best applications:

  • Hospital gifts
  • Get well gifts & basket stuffers
  • Balloon weights

Best Selling Season: Year round

Customizing Ideas: Tie balloons to the pail handle. Perfect for hospital deliveries. These are a great alternative to the usual gifts of candy or chocolates for a patient. They’re low fat, easy to digest, and each cookie is individually wrapped, so patients can share them with nurses or visitors.

Example Get Well Fortunes
Time heals – but don’t try sitting it out in the doctor’s waiting room.
“Many doctors these days are ear, nose and wallet specialists.” Henny Youngman
You know it’s time to leave the hospital when the food starts to taste good!
Eat! Eat! You need strength to worry! Jewish folksaying
So you’re sick? Just goes to show you – germs can’t resist a pretty face!
This is a get well cookie – so you better do what it says & get well!
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